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Below, you will find relevant links for general information to Advanced Placement and College Entrance Exams.

ACT (click link below)

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PSAT, SAT & AP Exam Schedule (click link below)

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Grade 11


The PSAT is an optional practice exam for sophomores and juniors and is written by College Board. It provides measures of critical reading, math, and writing skills.  Because the PSAT is also used as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) when taken in the Junior year, students with very good grades and excellent scores on previous exams should be sure to take this test. While scored like an SAT, colleges for admissions decisions do not use the PSAT.  Testing accommodations may only be approved by College Board through a special application.


Regular administrations of this standard college admissions exam are given throughout the year and may be taken by a student multiple times. The ACT is accepted with applications for 99.9% of colleges and universities nationwide. Testing accommodations may only be approved by ACT through a special application. Please see the appropriate Counselor for the application.


The other major college admissions test, the SAT Reasoning Test is regularly administered in October, November, December, January, March, May and June. Cheyenne Mountain hosts the May SAT administrations. Most schools also accept the SAT across the nation.  Some colleges and universities may also require an applicant to submit SAT Subject Tests in addition to the Reasoning Test.  Subject test, such as “Literature,” “Biology,” or “Spanish,” are administered on the same Saturdays as the SAT Reasoning Tests. You would not be able to do the Reasoning Test and a set of Subject Tests on the same day. Refer to specific colleges admissions criteria for their preferences. Testing accommodations may only be approved by College Board through a special application.

Grade 12

ACT  or  SAT

Many students will take an SAT for the first time in their junior year, leaving them Saturdays in their senior year to take SAT Subject Tests or to retake an ACT in attempting to improve on the spring score/s.  Depending on a given college’s admissions criteria, SAT's or ACT's taken through December will be reported in time for admissions consideration.

Advanced Placement (AP)

The AP Program and exams are intended to provide students with rigorous, college-level studies and the possibility of earning college credit while in high school.  Cheyenne Mountain offers 23 different AP courses.  AP exams are administered in May, following a national schedule, with scores ranging from 1-5.  Scores of 3 or better may earn a student college credit, depending on the college, once a student is enrolled.  Each college and university set their own policies regarding the granting of credits.  AP exam scores are not intended for use in college admissions decisions.  Testing accommodations may only be approved by College Board through a special application.


While exams will still be administered in May 2020, students must register for AP exams by October 17, 2019 in the CMHS Counseling Office. The cost will remain $94 per exam.  However, if a student registers later there will be an additional fee of $40 per exam instituted by College Board. Last date to place any order is February 28, 2020. Please contact CMHS AP Coordinator, Victoria Thompson, at 630-5031 if you have any questions.
College Board has produced a Webex webinar for home school families that can be accessed via the link below.