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Staff Directory

Contact Deborah Abbo  Deborah Abbo (719) 475-6110 ex: 1202 World Languages
Contact Shannon Adam  Shannon Adam (719) 475-6110 ex: 1402 English
Contact Dave Adams  Dave Adams English
Contact Nikki Athey  Nikki Athey Physical Education
Contact Erik Austin  Erik Austin (719) 475-6110 ex: 1408 English / Yearbook
Contact Joe Bachofen  Joe Bachofen (719) 475-6110 ex: 1109 Math/Science Teacher
Contact Jessica Baltes  Jessica Baltes Bookkeeper
Contact John Battersby  John Battersby (719) 475-6110 ex: 1302 Social Studies
Contact Nicole Beauvais  Nicole Beauvais (719) 475-6110 ex: 1219 Transition Coordinator
Contact Cindy Beggs  Cindy Beggs (719) 475-6110 ex: 1110 Mathematics Department
Contact Kara Beiswanger  Kara Beiswanger (719) 475-6110 ex: 1310 Social Studies
Contact Adam Bentson  Adam Bentson Science
Contact Desiree Bowlby  Desiree Bowlby (719) 475-6155 Counseling Assistant
Contact Carrie Brenner  Carrie Brenner Principal
Contact Kate Bridgman  Kate Bridgman Staff
Contact Kim Bufkin  Kim Bufkin Athletics Assistant
Contact Meg Bunka  Meg Bunka (719) 475-6110 ex: 1208 Academic Intervention
Contact Nicole Cammarata  Nicole Cammarata World Languages
Contact Shaun Carmody  Shaun Carmody (719) 475-6110 ex: 1108 Math & Science Teacher / Head Athletic Trainer
Contact Pamela Centeno  Pamela Centeno (719) 475-6110 ex: 1204 World Languages
Contact Jeanine Charlton  Jeanine Charlton (719) 475-6110 ex: 1218 LEAD/School Psychologist
Contact Elizabeth Cole  Elizabeth Cole Dean of Students
Contact Michelle Deines  Michelle Deines (719) 475-6110 ex: 1503 Physical Education
Contact Mike Deines  Mike Deines (719) 475-6110 ex: 1126 Science
Contact Samantha Disney-Saxton  Samantha Disney-Saxton (719) 475-6110 ex: 1415 Fine Arts
Contact Elke Donovan  Elke Donovan (719) 475-6110 ex: 1101 Math Teacher
Contact Elgin Fitzgerald  Elgin Fitzgerald (719) 475-6110 ex: 1212 Special Education
Contact Juley Flint  Juley Flint (719) 475-6110 Gifted Education
Contact Gwen French  Gwen French (719) 475-6110 ex: 1112 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Nicole Freyschlag  Nicole Freyschlag (719) 475-6110 ex: 1118 Science
Contact Melissa Frisbie  Melissa Frisbie (719) 475-6110 ex: 1412 English
Contact Nick Gagliardi  Nick Gagliardi Assistant Principal
Contact Kristina Garski  Kristina Garski (719) 475-6110 Math
Contact Kelly Geiser  Kelly Geiser (719) 475-6110 ex: 100 Online/Testing Center Coordinator
Contact Ruth Gibson  Ruth Gibson (719) 475-6110 ex: 1115 Science
Contact Michael Grage  Michael Grage (719) 475-6110 ex: 1308 Social Studies
Contact Sophia Grenier  Sophia Grenier (719) 475-6110 ex: 1307 Social Studies
Contact Kim Guinaugh  Kim Guinaugh (719) 475-6110 ex: 1007 Principal's Administrative Assistant
Contact Sue Hayden  Sue Hayden ex: 1220 Special Education
Contact Ellen Hinckley  Ellen Hinckley Counselor
Contact Emily Hornbuckle  Emily Hornbuckle Math
Contact Lauren Huebsch  Lauren Huebsch (719) 475-6110 ex: 1410 English
Contact Brian Jewell  Brian Jewell Social Studies
Contact Mary Johnson  Mary Johnson Counselor
Contact Leisa Jolstad  Leisa Jolstad (719) 475-6110 ex: 1214 Special Education
Contact Andrew Julian  Andrew Julian Science
Contact Christina Jurekovic  Christina Jurekovic (719) 475-6155 ex: 1020 Counselor
Contact Sam Jurekovic  Sam Jurekovic (719) 475-6110 ex: 1006 Dean of Students
Contact Odette Kasal  Odette Kasal French Teacher
Contact Jeff Kenefsky  Jeff Kenefsky Social Studies
Contact Liz Koop  Liz Koop (719) 475-6110 ex: 1401 English
Contact Stan Lambros  Stan Lambros (719) 475-6155 ex: 1019 Counselor
Contact Larry Lawson  Larry Lawson (719) 475-6110 ex: 152 Social Studies Department Chair
Contact Bobbi Leavens  Bobbi Leavens Graphic Arts
Contact Gayle Littleton  Gayle Littleton (719) 475-6110 ex: 1405 English and Student Council
Contact Tim Lundt  Tim Lundt (719) 475-6110 ex: 1120 Science/Science Olympiad coach
Contact Laura Lyons  Laura Lyons School Nurse
Contact Maxine M  Maxine M (719) 475-6110 ex: 1145 Science
Contact Todd Martinson  Todd Martinson Spanish Teacher
Contact Genice Matzke  Genice Matzke (719) 475-6110 ex: 1527 Band Director
Contact Kate McCall  Kate McCall (719) 475-6110 ex: 1520 Fine Arts
Contact Amy McLaggan  Amy McLaggan (719) 475-6155 ex: 1016 Registrar
Contact Margaret McNelis  Margaret McNelis Athletics Assistant
Contact Kristi McWilliams  Kristi McWilliams (719) 475-6110 ex: 1240 Librarian
Contact Kathryn Moon  Kathryn Moon Social Studies
Contact Beth Mooneyham  Beth Mooneyham (719) 475-6110 ex: 1124 Science
Contact Catherine Moore  Catherine Moore English
Contact Joe Moore  Joe Moore (719) 475-6110 ex: 1114 Math
Contact Janie Mueller  Janie Mueller (719) 475-6110 ex: 1116 Science Department Chair
Contact Kim Newberry  Kim Newberry English
Contact Jeff O'Brien  Jeff O'Brien Video Production
Contact Sean O'Day  Sean O'Day (719) 406-7700 Technology Integration
Contact Mike Paige  Mike Paige Social Studies
Contact Jodi Papproth  Jodi Papproth (719) 475-6110 ex: 1522 Drama
Contact Douglas Philipp  Douglas Philipp (719) 475-6110 ex: 1205 World Languages
Contact Laura Porakova  Laura Porakova ex: 1430 Fine Arts
Contact Melissa Richman  Melissa Richman Special Education Para
Contact Nancy Roach  Nancy Roach Fine Arts
Contact Kara Roberts  Kara Roberts (719) 630-4110 Attendance Secretary
Contact Kris Roberts  Kris Roberts Athletic Director
Contact Susan Roberts  Susan Roberts Physical Education
Contact Willie Roberts  Willie Roberts (719) 475-6110 ex: X1113 Business / DECA Advisor
Contact Cari Sanders  Cari Sanders (719) 475-6110 Special Education
Contact Kim Sandoval  Kim Sandoval Assistant Principal
Contact Raphael Sandoval  Raphael Sandoval (719) 475-6110 ex: 1145 Science
Contact Jay Saravis  Jay Saravis (719) 475-6110 ex: 1541 Study Hall
Contact Steve Schriener  Steve Schriener (719) 475-6110 ex: 1413 English
Contact Jeffery Scott  Jeffery Scott (719) 475-6110 ex: x1119 Science
Contact Reggie Serna  Reggie Serna Custodian
Contact Susan Sheahan  Susan Sheahan (719) 475-6110 ex: 1241 Media Center Aide
Contact Carrie Shrank  Carrie Shrank (719) 475-6110 ex: 1103 Math
Contact Joe Simonson  Joe Simonson (719) 475-6110 ex: 1102 Math
Contact Angel Smith  Angel Smith College Services Secretary
Contact Barry Smith  Barry Smith Counselor - Class of 2016, Dept. Chair
Contact Mark Swope  Mark Swope Physical Education
Contact Andrea Terrones  Andrea Terrones (719) 475-6110 ex: 1215 Special Education Department Chair
Contact Michelle Thiele  Michelle Thiele Science
Contact Victoria Thompson  Victoria Thompson (719) 630-5031 College Counselor
Contact Roger Villmow  Roger Villmow (719) 475-6110 ex: 1111 Math
Contact Ian Wagner  Ian Wagner (719) 475-6110 ex: 1106 Mathematics Educator
Contact Margaret Walker  Margaret Walker Special Education Para
Contact William Walsh  William Walsh School Resource Officer
Contact Wendy Waters  Wendy Waters Math
Contact Karin Wayne  Karin Wayne (719) 475-6110 ex: 1000 Receptionist
Contact Sarah Wells  Sarah Wells (719) 227-7665 Aquatics Manager
Contact Sarah Widhalm  Sarah Widhalm (719) 475-6110 ex: 1201 Spanish
Contact Kim Will  Kim Will English
Contact Fran Williams  Fran Williams Secretary (Guidance)
Contact Sara Wilson  Sara Wilson (719) 475-6100 ex: 1409 English
Contact Janna Winkle  Janna Winkle (719) 475-6110 ex: 1411 English
Contact Dawn Wisdom  Dawn Wisdom Vocal Music
Contact Leslie Wolken  Leslie Wolken (719) 475-6110 ex: 1213 Special Education
Contact Connie Woolley  Connie Woolley (719) 475-6110 ex: 1107 Math Department Chair
Contact W. Joel Zuckerman  W. Joel Zuckerman (719) 475-6110 ex: 1301 Social Studies

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