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Poetry Short Story Reference Website

Poetry & Short Story Reference Center

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Search for American Poets to get biographical info on the poets

Search for American Poetry for poems and their explanations

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Search American poets

Use advanced search and use American poets and 1960s

Pikes Peak Library website

Search for Poetry and many databases come up

JSTOR website
Use the advanced search to refine your results to American poems

Bllom s Literary website
Search for American poets 

American poets + Browse + Resources + Poems = alphabetical list of hundreds of poems

Poetry Websites

Poetry Society of America

Frost Medal

Shelley Memorial Award – since 1929, offered by the society to a poet living in the United States who is chosen on the basis of "genius and need"

Writer Magazine/Emily Dickinson Award

Alice Fay di Castagnola Award

Norma Farber First Book Award

William Carlos Williams Award – offered by the society for the best book of poetry published by a small, non-profit, or university press

Robert H. Winner Memorial Award

Walt Whitman award (