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General Information

Ms. Michelle Deines

Ms. Michelle Deines
Physical Education Department

Contact Michelle Deines  Michelle Deines (719) 475-6110 ex: 1503 Physical Education

Office Hours and Contact Info

Office Hours:

I can often be reached in my office during my planning periods as highlighted below:

1st Period :  7:35am - 8:25am
2nd Period :  8:30am - 9:20am
3rd Period :  9:25am - 10:25am
4th Period :  10:30am - 11:20am
5th Period :  11:25am - 12:15pm
5th Period :  12:20pm - 1:10pm
6th Period :  1:15pm - 2:05pm
7th Period :  2:10pm - 3:00pm


Contact Information:

I can be reached via voice at:
   719-475-6110 x134

You can also send me an e-mail by clicking the small envelope next to my name below:

Physical Education Make-up Policy

Download a PDF version of this policy by clicking on this link.

Excused Absence:  Excused absences may only be made up during the current grading period.  If an excused absence occurs during the last week of the current grading period the school policy will be utilized. (A day + 1)

Unexcused Absence:  Unexcused absences may not be made up.  A non-suit will be considered an unexcused absence.  If there is a short-term sickness or short-term injury (1-2 days) a parent/guardian note is acceptable.  A doctor’s note may be required for events beyond 3 days

Extenuating Circumstances:  If there are extenuating circumstances regarding extended absence the PE Department will convene as a panel to decide what is fair and appropriate based on the individual situation.

To make up class students may:

  • Participate during another class period during the day
  • Come in after school to the weight room and make up 30 min per absence