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Stan Lambros

Stan Lambros' Bio

Stan Lambros is a 1983 Graduate of Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Lambros is a 1987 and 1989 graduate of Loyola College, in Maryland,  where he studied Education, Counseling Psychology, and he holds a Masters of Education Degree. While at Loyola, Mr. Lambros was a member of the nationally ranked soccer program, that went onto the Quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament. During this time, Stan Lambros began his work with people by spending his summers working with severe and profound children and adults, and during the winter of 1987, Mr. Lambros embarked on his chosen profession of counseling, where he began working at The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital in Maryland. 


At the time, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital was one of the premier mental health facilities in the country, and Mr. Lambros’ experiences included, adolescent, adult and geriatric treatment. Stan Lambros attributes his counseling knowledge and skill base to his time working at The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital. The exposure of a 1200 bed facility that specializes in every known mental health condition, was a prime place for his development as a counselor.


In 1992, Mr. Lambros left Maryland in pursuit of a doctoral degree at the University of San Francisco, but that dream was cut short for numerous reason, but the experience was still very valuable to Mr. Lambros’ growth in the profession of counseling. Not only did Mr. Lambros continue to study counseling during this time, but he also worked in several psychiatric hospitals in the Bay area, and was privileged to work at Marin Hospital, which at the time, was the only deaf psychiatric facilities located west of the Mississippi River. Working with hearing impaired patients required an entirely new skill set and taught Mr. Lambros many things about human interaction and compassion.  At this young point in his career, Mr. Lambros was exposed to a wide variety of issue that aided in his development as a counselor. 


Upon returning to Maryland, Mr. Lambros took a position at Milford Mill High School in Baltimore. While at Milford Mill, Mr. Lambros took on the role of “Time Out Counselor” where he would counsel students who were removed from class for discipline reasons.  Such experience challenged the patience and skills of Mr. Lambros on a daily basis. At this time, Mr. Lambros honed his mediation skills, having embraced ongoing training sessions with the renowned mediator of his time--Richard Solomon. Mr. Lambros also acted as the Head Coach for the Cross Country and Track teams at Milford Mill. During his three years at Milford Mill, Mr. Lambros became versed in mediation, cultural diversity (Milford Mill is a 95% African American School) and in the nuances of public schools.


In 1994, Mr. Lambros and his wife Karen moved to Colorado Springs, where he began his career with the Cheyenne Mountain School District as a school counselor. Sharing time between Broadmoor and Canon Elementary School in D-12 exposed Mr. Lambros to well over six hundred D-12 families. The community of D-12 patrons and the D-12 staff have become part of Mr. Lambros’ extended family, and for that he is very grateful.


Mr. Lambros moved to Cheyenne Mountain High School in 1997, when the high school became a four-year school (it was previously a 10-12th grade school).  During his time in the Cheyenne Mountain School District, Mr. Lambros helped create many programs that are still in existence today. He has aided in development of the multi-cultural club, the mountain bike club (2001 State Champs), LEAD (nationally recognized), peer mediation (still in existence at three D-12 schools), and The Maroon Mob (spirit group). Mr. Lambros is passionate about assisting his clients both individually and in a group setting, where he has organized support groups for loss, leadership, learning issues, athletics, and for at-risk youths.


 As a former high level athlete and coach, Mr. Lambros has a passion for helping student-athletes. To date, he has been instrumental in helping well over one hundred student-athletes find proper college placement and if you are interested in his assistance, Mr. Lambros is always available to help students find a proper post secondary match.


Lastly, during his tenure at CMHS, Mr. Lambros has received many awards. He will be the first to tell you that the awards come from the great students and parents with whom he has the privilege to work with. Mr. Lambros has been chosen as the Coach of the Year (City, State and CMHS), and many of his teams have gone on to win League, Regional and State titles. In 2010-2011, four teams (Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country/Boy’s Track, and Snowshoe) under Mr. Lambros’ watch won Colorado State titles. However, it his 2002 award as the Colorado Educator of the Year, that makes him most proud - this award was a culmination of an idea. The idea was to support learning disabled students through a group counseling session. The group evolved into a national presence and remains to this day a force on educating others throughout the country about how to be successful despite have a learning disability.


In 2012, led by Stan Lambros, the Cheyenne Mountain School District (coaches, administration, and parents), created the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede XC Race. This event and Cheyenne Mountain School District was awarded as the host site for the Colorado State Championship for Cross Country!  The future holds many possibilities, and Mr. Lambros is excited to continue in his passion of helping others as a counselor and coach.   


If you need anything from Mr. Lambros, he prides himself on being organized and available for students and parents.  Feel free to contact him for just about anything. 

Stan w/his daughter Madison
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